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We innovate, we build, we impact

At Lilab, we combine our expertise in design, development, and innovation with a culture of commitment and quality to accelerate your business's digital transformation and create lasting growth.

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Our Purpose

Innovate to create a better world

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Generate the maximum positive impact on society by helping our clients achieve their short, medium, and long-term goals


To be one of the leading technology and innovation companies in LATAM

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Service Vocation



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Our Team

Our global and diverse team of over 100 professionals is dedicated to our clients' success. We work remotely and collaboratively across 8 countries, integrating with our clients as if we were part of their team to deliver solutions that drive their growth.

Social responsability

At Lilab, we believe true progress is measured by the well-being we generate and the positive impact we leave on the world. Since 2023, we've made sustainability and social responsibility fundamental pillars of our mission to "Innovate to create a better world." Through our various initiatives, we're committed not only to our company's growth but also to the holistic development of our society.

Donations to the Jesuit Development Organization of Peru
Since mid-2023, we've actively supported the Jesuit community in Peru, aiming to improve the living conditions of vulnerable communities. Our commitment to this initiative strengthens education and social development in underserved areas.
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Innovation Challenge

Our largest challenge is creating AI-based products to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This past year, T’ikary brought together our top tech professionals and NGO volunteers to drive digital transformation. We're already gearing up for the second edition!

EPA Program by EsHoy:

We run EsHoy’s professional training program to empower women entrepreneurs. Through this initiative, we aim to empower more women by providing education and technical skills training.

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Donation campaign with Recidar

In collaboration with Recidar, we launched a campaign in Lima to donate resources to local markets and people in need. This initiative promotes environmental sustainability by giving a second life to items donated by our team.

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